Saturday, April 11, 2009

97th Face

Happy 4th Birthday Amara!

To our beautiful little girl
Who loves stories before she sleeps
And loves the train
And loves food that's not so good for herAnd loves her little brother

You are our light at the end of the tunnel
Who is accomplishing 'big girl' things
And still loving train rides
Your mommy and I are so proud of you
We love to watch you walk and run and play and grow
We love you when you're silly
Even when you are being a little monster
We love that you help with tasks like recycling with Jacqueline and her mom
Grandpa Doug and Grandma Bobby love youAnd so does Hailey, Grandma Karen, and Kai (not to mention everybody else you know)

You are a wonder, a blessing, a challenge, and a gift. We hope you have a wonderful happy birthday in Death Valley this this week and are as excited about your year to come as you were for you Easter egg hunt at preschool today.
With Leah
Filling your sack with goodies
Have a very happy 4th birthday! Love Mommy and Daddy.

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