Tuesday, April 7, 2009

93rd Face(s)

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

On Saturday I leave for Death Valley and won't have the opportunity to post daily for about a week. So, to show that I am not slacking in my post-a-day duties for the 365 group, I am posting twice a day for the next few days.
This post was to be up later but considering the previous post I thought this went well. A long time ago I was asked by my mom to try to fix this torn photo of my grandmother, Clara, as a teen (center and highest of group). So I gave a tiny bit of time this morning to crank out a "fixed" version.

Step 1 shows the two halves of the photo, which seems to be made from a plate, but it's probably a box camera due to the quality of the photo at the edges .

Step 2 has the two photos placed ready for some stitching together.

Step 3 with most of the creases and tears removed and the photo rebuild in progress.

Step 4 shows a final version with boosted contrast and sharpening added. I dropped out the coloration for contrast purposes.

Step 5 is a final rebuilt version with the sepia coloration added again because I love the feel of old photographs and how they discolor over time.

In all I think it is a 'so-so' result. Given more time I'd be able to much more professional version. And, yes, I do know there are apps that can do all of this for me, but the art/technique of it would be lost. I have more of these which I'll post a later time.

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