Thursday, April 23, 2009

100th Face(s)

Wow, we made it to 100 faces and what better way to do so then by celebrating my mom's '39th' birthday!

Happy birthday mom! Words cannot express how much thanks I need to give to you for everything you always do for me and my family, for raising me with such love, and for being there whenever I needed you. I could not ask for a better, caring, devoted, more beautiful woman than you to be my mother and I am honored and blessed to have the privilege to call you my mom. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and oh, so many more. Thank you for everything.
And Amara says 'hi' Gramma Bobby!'...And happy birthday to Aunt Debbie as well! All the best people have their birthdays on the same day. Thanks Debbie for letting stay and get sand all over your carpet last Tuesday night, have a great birthday. Sorry you couldn't hold Kai for longer.

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