Saturday, November 7, 2009

301st Face(s)

Kai's first birthday party!! Lots of friends and family came to help Kai celebrate his birthday (which actually was Oct 14th but today was the party) and everybody had a great time. The two best dressed little ladies at the party; Hailey and Amara. Special thanks to Karen Clapes (Hailey, Amara, Trevor, and Kai's grandma) for taking most of the photos in this post!
Lynette was chief organizer and did a great job with activities for the kids in attendance. Below, a session of pin the tail on the donkey. Here Michelle has a go while her mom, Celia, and brother, Thomas, with Lynette (at left) look on.Now Thomas gives it a try as Enzo (in red) and Trevor (brown and gray) cheer him on.Enzo has a chance here.Hailey's turn, flanked by Amara and Lynette.Trevor and Lynette watch Gina and her kids, Roman (in green) and Carmine pin a tail.Trevor, grandma Bobby and Amara watch enthusiastically. Kai plays at lower left. Trevor, Hailey, Allessio, Amara, and Kai fill the space as Enzo run out of frame.
Grandma Bobby plays with the kids and the parachute, framed by Gayle at left.Kai tries out bowling.Grandma Bobby and Grandpa Doug all aglow.It was great to see John, Joey, and Juanita.Jim says something to surprise Lynette as Jeff feeds Kai and catches up with Lata.John and Hailey both have their hands near their mouths (like father, like daughter)Nela, Bill, Jessica, and Leslie talk about big people things.Jessica, Nela, Leslie and Bill continue to talk about big people things, what I dunno. But they talk and talk.Gayle, Dave, and Fabio talk about something. Maybe Gayle and Fabio talk while Dave daydreams and smiles...who knows?
Great Grandma Helen enjoys a quiet start of the party.Leslie, Jessica, and Nela still chat (teachers don't mix with others, me thinks) while Gayle and Dave watch as Jim, Michelle and Celia are welcomed by Kai and Jeff as Fabio whistles at his kids ("You darn brats, get outa there!")Grandpa Bill is ready for anything as John looks on and Doug (in the back) looks for more food to eat.
Gina, Carmine, Vince (waving) and Roman do the "family eats at a party" thing as Helen sees something really interesting off screen.Kai grabs some lunch before his big moment.Here's some photos of the cake. I made it, a train cake complete with coal car. Click any image for a larger version.The coal car becomes the star...I have been to a lot of first birthday parties lately and one thing strikes me about them. You know how people who watch auto racing will never admit to it but hope for a huge accident; it seems everybody hopes the kid celebrating his/her first birthday just dives into the cake and makes a huge mess. Well most of the 'firsties' so far had that kid who very daintily nibbles the cake in front of him/her so there was this tension in the air. Everybody was pulling for Kai to become one with the cake in front of him. So after singing and the candle getting blown out (by big sister,Amara, this time), mom and dad place the coal car in front to Kai. He tentatively touches the new stuff in front of him. This coal car is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...
..and then Kai jumps into it.....and pleases the crowd. Amara is stoked.

rawmffff!A proud dad cheers on his son. (like father, like son!)Amara, Hailey Kai and Doug finish up the day on the carpet.A fun day and great to have been able to spend it with everybody!

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  1. Hi Folks,
    The birthday party was much fun. Thanks for inviting us. The party recap fotos are super and Yes! Kai was like father like son, just like Jeff when he was one awhile ago. Love to all and have fun.