Wednesday, November 4, 2009

289th, 290th, 291st, 292nd, 293rd, 294th Face(s)

A picture (courtesy of Michael Barrow) from Clara's first birthday party in Mid October. Inside the bouncy house. L-R: Nela and Madeline, Liz and Clara, Chase and Monika, Kai and Lynette.

Amara's preschool had a big Halloween celebration and parade on the 30th of October. Below, Amara (the tallest kid in the class), two other Cinderellas, another two princesses and a witch dance in circle.Amara goes to grab another princess to join the dance.Ben and Clara at the preschool.Going on parade. It was 80 degrees! Amara and the other kids all nearly melted in their costumes.Nela and Madeline at the preschool after the parade.Afterward, I took Amara and Kai to where Lynette teaches so they could show off their costumes. Here Amara poses with Snow White (Lisa) the school receptionist.And smiled with Kai. I call this one "The man in the big brown hat and his curious monkey".Later, I went to the hockey game and wore my turn-outs (fire dept uniform). In years, past a game that was on on near Halloween saw a majority of fans dressing up, this year I felt like a dork as only a handful of fans wore costumes. Boo! At least the Sharks won the Avs.Uncle Doug came up to help celebrate Halloween, below is proof that he helped with pumpkin carving.And helped Kai get ready to get candy...And took a nice one with Amara.

Out trick r treating with Amy (a neighbor). No flash but I still like this image. Two princesses.Our pumpkins this year, Amara painted the middle one.After Halloween, Amara is all smiles.And Kai gets into eating some spaghetti. Later Kai slugs back a bottle.Amara got to wear her pretty dress for school pictures below.
And mooshed her face against the glass for reasons unknown.At the park, Kai worked on sprinkling grains of sand, and getting dirty.
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