Wednesday, October 28, 2009

282nd Face(s) Halloween Comes Early

Yesterday was the annual Halloween Festival at Santana Row so I took the kids for a third year. Amara got to trick or treat, moving from shop to shop getting candy. There were a LOT of people (mostly moms) with their kids all dressed up for H-day. I love to see all of the costumes. Disney Princesses were all of the rage. Nearly every girl in attendance was dressed as her favorite princess closely followed by Tinkerbell. Amara was her favorite princess, Cinderella, and Kai went as a monkey. You can tell who was excited to go...And who really wasn't into it...
Getting ready for candy collection at the fountain.Amara looked great
And Kai finally woke up.
We even made an appearance at Container Store to see Grandma Karen.
It was a really fun day but the cold wind finally got the best of us and we headed home with our pumpkin bucket half full of candy. A fun time, despite teh crowds and the weather.

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  1. Hi Kiddees, looks like it was a mucho fun Halloween event. Pretty princess you are hanging around with, Jeff. Next year, Monkey will probably be into it BIG. Say hi to Mommy and glad you all had fun. Love to all.