Saturday, March 28, 2009

82nd Face

Kai doing his thing. You rarely get to see this side of kids' photos but it happens. A lot. But any Grandma would say "they are little angles All the time"


  1. Yo! Some angles are oblique, some are small, some are big, some are right, some aren't, some are straight and some are not. One kind is obtuse [which may fit the category better sometimes than not :) ]. But if you want to rapidly get to the point, try a bee line like the hypotenuse. We love your fotos & comments. Keep up the good work. Also, tell Amara we liked her troll work and the coloring was good. Luv to you all, Grandpa Doug. I was told if I was going to be a smart aleck, that I had to sign it myself. Enjoy Happy Days!

  2. YES, exactly what I was thinking. The Jgrands rock! :D