Monday, March 9, 2009

63rd Face(s)

Sunday was a beautiful day for Hailey's 3rd Birthday Party!
Amara and Hailey both looking very pretty in their dresses. Kai just looks on.
The birthday girl anticipates a fun day.
Playing house.

John and Ally relax in the shade.

Gramma Sue smiles with Katey

Hailey, Ally, Amara and Katey await the cake.

The cake arrives, a princess cake complete with a castle.

Hailey blows out the candles.

Gramma Karen and Amara enjoy a little cake and sunshine.

Amara, Trevor, Ally and Katey watch as Hailey admires her presents.

John helps out.A new Tinkerbell umbrella.

And some new clothes.Time to run off the cake.

Fun in the sandbox.
All of the cousins make room for the sandbox.
Hailey says goodbye to Lynette and Kai at the of a fun day. If you want to see more photos or want higher res versions just let me know.

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