Friday, January 9, 2009

Fourth and a Half Face

Michael Sandborn. Photo courtesy of Josh Cogswell.
I am posting this early because it could not wait. On thursday at 4 in the morning Mike suffered an aneurysm in his brain. I went with a group of Cogswell students and friends to visit him at Stanford hospital today. He was sedated when I was allowed to visit but I told him how much I was hoping for a quick recovery. We were told by his fiance and the nurse on duty that while he was awake earlier he had regained his sight and could move the body parts that the doctors had asked him to move, that was a good sign. I am very glad that Mike has such a large group of friends who all are very concerned about his situation.

Mike has been at Cogswell almost as long as I have been teaching there. He is amazingly talented with a penchant for drawing that surpasses nearly everyone on campus. I have had the chance to watch him grow and hone his craft over the years. Every class he took with me, he made an absolute pleasure to teach. He is a very hard worker who expects nothing but the best from himself and is also a very kind hearted soul who has a smile for everyone. I am proud to have had him as a student and honored to call him a friend. Please stop by his blog or his site and leave him well wishes and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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  1. just found out today. man thats too bad. i hope he gets better real soon!