Sunday, February 22, 2015

NHL Stadium Series Sharks VS Kings

I had the opportunity to attend the Outdoor game with my buddy John and his son last night. Pure specticle. But it was fun to be a part of it all. It will probably be as close as I'll ever get to attending the Stanley Cup Finals or Super Bowl (I know, different sport but who can afford tickets to that?)
Speaking of the Super Bowl,Levi's Stadium, City planners and transportation services are encouraged to work to fix the massive problems and chaos caused when an event ends and 70,000+ people try to leave. Two hours to get 20 miles is pretty ridiculous.
Anyway, despite that and seriously lack luster play by the men in teal (both sides really) lending to a 2-1 loss, here are some photos of the event:
A lightrail full of hockey fans.
Arrival at the stadium.
Meeting John and son.
The Sharks head.

Little J meets the ice girls.
Lots of people, and a cover band on the stage.
Sharkie 'backstage' rocking out with Neon Velvet.
Little J gets to say hi to Sharkie.
Crossing the bridge.
Up the escalator.
Not to our seats...yet.
Finally, looking over the field. State of California...nice touch.
View from our seats.
In front of the rink...then my phone died. Fun times in a different venue. Thanks to John and Little J for the memories! Go Sharks!

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