Saturday, June 14, 2014

A trip to see a Grand Canyon

We rented a converted minivan from Escape Caravans in San Francisco called "Embers" and it made traveling much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.
With it's brightly painted exterior, the car was easy to find and people often asked us what the deal was such a vehicle. 
Because I had to teach, we left a day late but arrived in Barstow for picnic lunch. 

And watched the sun set in Needles. Fun to "sort of" drive Route 66 which has been upgraded to Interstate 40.
Kids were excited to see these cows (middle, right) or more glad just to be out of the car for a while.
Finally arrived at Trailer Village in Grand Canyon Natl. Park.
Day 2 started with the ubiquitous dig in the dirt.
Daughter shows off her tie dye as the front of our rental mini van frames the shot.
Tummy tickles tent time.
Finally, the magesty of the Grand Canyon! Started off at the Visitor's Center.
First sign of the plethora of wildlife was this squirrel.
I really love the panoramic feature on this iPhone, you'll see this used often.
Nice butte!
Daughter found it hard to leave after seeing, "something so beautiful."
  Son called it the 'Yucki Plant' and Mommy.
First time in Arizon For the kids. SHM!
"Don't play on the rocks." "Don't run along the rocks!" "Don't-" Trip "wah! I hurt myself running on the rocks!" First injury at GC; scrapped ankle.
"Don't take a picture of me crying about my scape!"
Fearless elk walks right out in traffic.
Daughter took some photos, little fingers sneak into the photo. 
"What, I didn't take a picture."
A cool fish-shaped cloud swims across the rim.
Back to camp and dinner as this spectacular light show begins.
And the near full moon rises to shine on our second night in the Canyon. Apparently the rise of the moon and set of the sun at teh same time was called the "honey moon" and hadn't been seen is such a way for a 100 years.
Morning at camp...
...Means a chance to play with caps and dinosaurs...
...or reading from a favorite comic book anthology with Snow White.
A giant wasp made a visit.
She found the Colorado River.
Fun with gum.
I know this is just a wall, but it's a cool wall!
The tower was fantastic!
At the Ruins.
The kids met a Ranger who awarded them Junior Ranger Badges for filling out activity books and for taking a pledge to preserve all national Parks for future generations.
Our new badges!
BBQ gave us a dragon.
Son was ready to head home a little early.
On one of the many shuttles that drive throughout the park.
Time to leave, it was really windy on Friday evening into Saturday so we took down the tent and everyone stayed in Embers. Cramped but alright.
Our little spot of 'home' .
A great trip. Can't believe it's over.

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