Monday, June 8, 2009

143rd Face(s)

Kayaking and camping in Monterey! We took members of the Science Club at Leigh HS on another trip to Monterey last weekend which is why I sort a post now. It's always fun to go on the water and each time I do, I want my own kayak more and more. Next year Amara will be old enough to join us on the water so I'm looking forward to that as much as she is.
And though it seemed like I lost my camera for the majority of the trip, I found it in time to take some photos of the Aquarium. I love the MBA and they have this great new seahorse exhibit I recommend if only for the really cool metal work that decorates the displays. The sea dragons are very cool and are worth wading through the five person deep crowds to see. Here are some photos from Sunday's excursion before we all came home.Above was an experiment just to see what kind of shot I could get. A happy accident, even if Kai isn't the main focus anymore.
Amara was kinda having a bad day but she allowed us to get this shot of her.
A diver feeding the fish in the Kelp Forest...This is the site where we got married.
Frogs on a log.
Olivia, Jacqueline and Adam do their 'best' pirate'. Aarrr.
Congrats to Jacqueline and Adam on their graduation from LHS this year! Good luck in the future. I think I'm going to like having Olivia (who is a freshman this year) go on other trips like this assuming she stays in Science Club because she brought along Styx: Greatest Hits which we all listened to in the truck on the way home.

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