Thursday, February 5, 2009

Troll Thursday!

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  1. stuff and stuff :)
    can i see some of your animations?
    im studying composition for film and would love it if i could use something of yours as a blank slate to practice on.


  2. kevy, the animation work I did is pretty old now, I am working to revamp the old website to get some of that up there. If you are talking about composition of film, I used to spend a good deal of time discussing this topic in my classes. Here are some examples:
    I would start by suggesting films for you to watch without sound and if you can turn down the saturation on your monitor (make it go black and white). The first would be a current favorite of mine, the Fall
    Best way to really understand what the director or cinematographer was hoping to accomplish is to freeze frame and sketch out the information. Compare what you see to what is supposed to be happening in the story. i hope to post more from different films soon although I moving a different direction right now and my time is limited. If you have a specific question, please feel free to elaborate.

  3. lol! i meant musical composition.
    maybe you knew what i meant
    but i didnt find anything on your blog about it. are you a musician also?
    i just watched the preview for "the fall".
    epic music! im surprised ive never heard of it.

  4. "no" meaning its not okay to play with some of your animations?

  5. No, meaning I'm not a musician. I (heh) 'played' the trombone in marching band in high school, about a million years ago. Let me see what I can send your way, I guess I don't know what you are looking for...why don't you send me an email to the address listed in my profile?